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Atlanta Meta World

Take a look our collaboration with the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau and a sample of what professionals had to say:

Atlanta Meta World Introduced

Photo-realistic, to scale rendering

Meeting planners, tourists, and other visitors interact with a perfect virtual twin.
Site visits done remotely and accurately.

Integration with DMO CRM and other data points.

  • Information displayed within the collaborative platform sourced directly from the DMO CRM.
  • Features of the platform controlled by the CRM.
  • Statistical and audit data feeds available for the DMO, partners, and auditors.

Inter-city travel ability for users and avatars.

Visitors can travel from city to city and interact with each other and businesses.
The power of human interaction and multi-city collaboration is on full display!

Companion presentations for your meetings.

Features of the collabortive platform include:

Conduct metaverse-based meetings to augment or promote your event.

Invite virtual attendees who could not be physically present, but can interact  and attend from anywhere.

Private and simultaneous meeting spaces.

Customized avatars and branding.

Personalized and recognizable avatars, enriching and adding value to the overall experience.

Custom branding assets, such as clothing and other materials to promote events, businesses, and cities.

Assets wearable between cities, and eventually off-platform (Virtual City Builders is a member of The Metaverse Standards Forum)

Multiple pricing tiers

Pricing designed to accommodate whatever size experience desired by DMO.

Incremental and staged growth supported and encouraged.

The future of meetings and tourism is here!

Join the most powerful and forward-thinking collaborative platform for DMOs today!

Not an evolution, but a REVOLUTION!

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