MA Software Systems

Innovation in Enterprise Software

Empower your organization with SMS based safety solutions specific to YOUR business needs and processes.

— CEO and Founder Statement

The MASS Vision

MA Software Systems, a minority owned company, was founded on the belief that software needs to be designed in such a way that it can be configured to match the needs and processes of the organization, and not the other way around.
Many vendors require that the organization change their processes to match their software – an approach that is profit-driven and which mass disagrees with.
Our customers have dynamically changing needs based on current events and changes in the industry, and our solutions provide for rapid design responses to those needs.
As a natural result, we are happy to say that each of our customers has a unique implementation of our product set.

From our family of airlines who have had fleet sizes ranging from 5 to almost 900, MASS is equally committed and is honored to make a difference in the safety and well being of their customers passengers, employees, and partners.

MASS is additionally commited to emerging technologies, including metaverse-based experiences and functionality (take a look at our Metaverse work). MASS is the partner to accommodate all of your specific innovation needs.

Mike Aaron

Years of
Innovative Technology Leadership
Our Process

A Configurable Engagement Model

MASS believes that difference is an organization’s competitive advantage. Their solutions should reflect and support this difference.

MASS configures its base products to match exactly what your organization needs and wants.

Is your organization unique?

If you are a forward thinker, ahead of the industry, an innovator, and willing to explore a model that is completely reflective of your organization then...

Business Process Review
We meet with your team to understand your current business processes.
IT Alignment
We meet with our IT department to ensure a deployment that matches their preferences.
Ideal System Definition
We propose a solution that is ideal for your company, based on your processes and desires.
Configurable Implementation
We implement a custom solution that matches exactly what your company needs and desires.
Unparalleled Support
Our support team normally responds within a day, and most issues are resolved within hours.

MASS offers

Core and Configurable Modules of Functionality

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